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Tips When Buying Disney DVC on Resale Market

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a program whereby people buy Disney timeshare vacation where one is able to vacation at Disney resorts at a fair price. However, the people who already own a Disney timeshare can resell their share to other new customers and this is called the DVC resale market mostly done in DVC resale shops. This means you buy DVC from an already existing owner. Members of DVC usually buy their share and there is usually an annual allotment of vacation points at every end of year. People buy DVC for many reasons but the one that stands out is the ability to enjoy the various exotic facilities and resorts owned by Disney at discounted rates. There are various DVC Shop Resalesthat list the available spots that members are willing to sell to other people. This helps the new member to avoid the process of buying the DVC from Disney direct. Buying DVC on resale shops is beneficial to the buyer as they are able to get them at very low prices since the owner just needs to dispose them quickly to a willing buyer. This is not the case when you buy directly from Disney since then the prices are competitive and they sell them quite high. There is also the benefit of being able to avoid paying sale tax which is mostly charged to the renters who rent the resorts for vacation. Currency exchange on the points which is paid in the initial buy when one buys directly from Disney is avoided by the resale buyer and they also get to benefit of the legacy advantage that sometimes resort from the previous owner being an influential person. This article will look at the tips to use when buying DVC from resale market.

It is important to ensure that you lookout for a legit DVC resale shop at as to avoid being duped of your hard-earned money. These days you can never be sure that what is being sold out there is the real thing or not. Look out for a shop that has a good reputation for connecting buyers and sellers for DVC.

They also need to have qualified workers such as quality assurance and lawyers that will help you with the process of buying the Disney DVC especially is it is your first buy. Ensure that the shop you buy from has a personal connection with you and it is important to do market research and have a one on one interview before committing. Check out all the available DVC listing especially on the DVC resale market and then decide what you need exactly before approaching a seller. To know more ideas on how to select the best vacation, visit

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